Project 100.

This project has been inspired by Nina Garcia's book The One Hundred - A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own. I love Nina Garcia's books, I think I have them all. I highly recommend The Little Black Book of Style, it was absolutely phenomenal. She has a very special way of writing and keeping you entertained.

Now back to Project 100. In her book The One Hundred she lays out 100 pieces that should be in your closet. I have compiled my own list that I have adapted from hers but if you find this at all interesting you should really buy the book because she really explains why each piece she picked is important to your wardrobe, the history of it and just a few little tips on how to wear them right. It is a very helpful book for anyone trying to build a more versatile and lasting wardrobe.

So I hope you enjoy this journey with me because I am very excited about it!

01. A-Line Dress
02. Animal Print
03. Ankle Boots
04. Aviators
05. Ballet Flats
06. Bangles
07. Basic Heels
08. Belts
11. Black Heels
12. Black Purse
13. Black Tee
14. Black Tights
15. Blazer
16. Boyfriend Cardigan
17. Brooch
18. Brown Boots
19. Brown Tights
20. Button Up
21. Cable Knit Sweater
22. Cashmere Sweater
23. Charm Bracelet
24. Cigarette Pants
25. Clutch
26. Cocktail Ring
27. Colored Jacket
28. Cosmetic Holder
29. Cotton Scarf
30. Cream Coat
31. Cuff
32. Dangly Earrings
33. Dark Wash Jeans
34. Diamond Stud Earrings
35. Fitted Bra
36. Flared Jeans
37. Flip Flops
38. Fur
39. Gloves
40. Hat
41. Hobo Bag
42. iPod
43. Jeans
44. Jewelry Display
45. Khakis
46. Knitted Scarf
47. Lace Camisole
48. Leather Jacket
49. Link Watch
50. Little Black Dress
51. Lotion
52. Magazine Subscription
70. Red
74. Sandals
79. Statement Necklace
83. Sundress
84. Sun Hat

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  1. OMG! This is the coolest/smarted thing! I want to try this!!


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