Thursday, September 27, 2012

12. Black Purse

Sweater: Ann Taylor $10, Necklace Joe Fresh $7, Purse: Aldo {gifted}
Jeans: AEO $40, Shoes: Payless $8

I love my black purse but I have a bit of a purse fetish. Most girls have a shoe fetish but for me it's all about my purses. Now, I understand not everyone needs an endless supply of purses like I do so here is my philosophy on purses. It is important, that at the minimum, you have a black purse and a brown {or any kind of neutral} purse. This way no matter what you are wearing it will match. If we are going to get technical then you should also have a variety of sizes but honestly if you are only going to have one purse make it a good sized black one. A black purse will never look dated and it will look clean for a very long time.

xoxo, nb

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