Wednesday, November 7, 2012

79. Statement Necklace

Shirt: Gap, Skirt: Forever 21 $18, Belt: Gap $16, 
Necklace: ebay {free}, Shoes: Payless $20, Earrings: H&M $1

As you can see this picture was taken awhile ago so I thought I better use these shots before the grass looked too suspicious. I love a good statement necklace... My Jewelry collection certainly supports that! I feel like accessories are such an easy, affordable way to really make an outfit pop. This necklace was supposed to be $12 but they sent it in the wrong color and misinformed me of the quality so when I gave them a "bad" review... frankly it was an honest review but whatever, they refunded my money and that is why it's free. I'm still mostly happy with the purchase but it was supposed to be a grey necklace. Anyways, don't be afraid to wear a bold necklace, I think they are so fun and you will be surprised just how versatile these necklaces are! You can pair them with a simple outfit like this for a pop of color but you can also mix them in with patterns. I especially love a bold necklace with a fun pattern, it's playful but still polished. Good luck and if you have any fun "statement necklace" posts leave a link!

xoxo, nb

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