Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2013 Recap

Well I'm not sure if there is anyone still out there and I apologize I have been completely MIA this year... it's only June afterall. As you know I'm expecting and pregnancy has gone rather smoothly but I decided to not really worry about the blog while I was pregnant. I know most bloggers do the whole maternity style and perhaps for the last few months I'll give that a try because I feel pretty great now but I just wanted to focus on being comfortable and healthy. I know... comfortable is like a 4-letter word for fashion bloggers! But when suddenly you are literally sharing your body with someone comfort becomes pretty important. I am very excited for fashion post-baby, I like my maternity clothes but I have seriously missed utilizing my entire wardrobe! We'll see what effect this baby actually has on my body and how soon I get to get back into my wardrobe. Wish me luck!

xoxo, nb

Monday, February 4, 2013

Exciting News.

Well this probably explains my absence the past month, sorry I haven't been around! The last part of my first trimester really kicked me to the curb. But I am so excited that I get to become a Mommy this summer. I'm starting to feel a little better and hopefully I will be up and posting this week.

xoxo, nb

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Letter For You.

My Dear Lovely Readers,

I haven't been posted in awhile and I am sorry I haven't been communicating with you. Don't worry, I am still committed to blogging but I have had an awful stomach flu this past week and Christmas was just a lot busier than I had anticipated... also MUCH colder than I had anticipated. I am hoping come next week I will feel much better and I will be back up on my feet. I hope you all had a wonderful New Years and the first part of January is going lovely for all of you. Hopefully I will be back full-time on Monday, cross your fingers for me!

xoxo, nb

Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 12 of 2012

Happy New Years Eve everyone! Can you believe tomorrow it will be 2013? I still remember when it turned over to the year 2000 and the world thought Y2K would take over and shut everything down. Well this year we survived the end of the Myan Calendar so I say bring it on 2013. In honor of the New Year I have rounded up my top 12 looks from 2012. Enjoy! See you next year :)

xoxo, nb

P.S. Stay tuned for an awesome Guest Post/Tutorial tomorrow!

Friday, December 14, 2012

52. Magazine Subscription

I wait in anticipation every month for my InStyle Magazine to come, it is full of amazing tips, beautiful clothes and never-ending inspiration. Right now you can subscribe for $20 plus you get a bottle of nail polish. A friend and I got a special last year where we both signed up and saved $5 and it was one of my best decisions ever, first of all it saved me a ton of money and now I get my copy before it even hits news stands! 

This is one of my favorite features of the magazine. They don't issue a Neutral Know-How every month but I love when they do. I have them hanging in my closet on a little magnetic board; I totally use them all the time! It helped me plan this post actually.

This is my other favorite feature... I admit I skip straight to it when I get my copy. I love color, I think it is fascinating how colors can totally change an outfit and transform a person. I also love how colors work together to create a beautiful look. So it's always fun to look at what color they are featuring that month and see how I can play with it.

If you haven't considered checking out InStyle I hope this opened your eyes to something new and wonderful because I really do love this publication and I am so glad my Aunt advised me to check it out!

xoxo, nb

P.S. This is not a sponsored post.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

70. Red

Scarf: Gap $21, Sweater: F21 $12, Pants: Gap $30, Boots: Payless - gifted

This has been my go-to outfit this Fall, I think my necklaces are starting to get jealous because they have been so neglected by my new found obsession with scarfs! Anyways, Red. Red is a power color and it definitely turns heads. A LBD is amazing but you swap that our for a Little Red Dress... watch out world. I think wearing Red gives you a little boost and it is especially fun this time of year because of the holidays. The best part is anyone can wear red, I promise! I look best in a bright red but you might find you look good in a deeper, cooler red. You have to experiment to figure out which shade looks best on you but I assure you that it is out there somewhere! Go and get red in wardrobe! It's a great time to shop for it, all the stores are carrying something red right now. Good luck!

xoxo, nb

P.S. I'm still in need of some guest bloggers. Email me if interested!

Monday, December 10, 2012

48. Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket: Diesel $5, Tee: Smart Set $12, Necklace: Vintage $7
Cargos: Joe Fresh $15, Shoes: Maurices $30

I wasn't so sure about this outfit but I feel like it photographed very well. A Leather Jacket is so versatile, you can go super casual with it like I did or you can dress it up with a dress. I don't know how  this happened but I found this Diesel Leather Jacket for $5 BRAND NEW. I couldn't believe it. This is one piece that I plan on handing down to my grandkids. A nice Leather Jacket typically isn't cheap but I think that it is one of those investment pieces that once you shell out the dough for you are glad. Just make sure you get something that leans more toward classic rather than trendy and you will be glad!

xoxo, nb

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