Thursday, November 1, 2012

33. Dark Wash Jeans

Blazer: Vanity $20, Top: Aeropostale: $15, Jeans: AEO $40
Necklace: J Crew - gifted, Purse: Aldo $50, Watch: Aldo $35, Shoes: Aldo $18

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween, we had a blast! We were Mary Poppins and Bert {by far our best ensemble ever}. The hubs made me watch Pyscho for the first time last night, I am not a scary movie person but I liked it, Hitchcock is always a sure bet. However we did have to stay up an extra hour watching Whose Line it it Anyways to end the night with laughs rather than screams!

Dark Wash Jeans, oh how I love this wash of denim. It can instantly be dressed up, without even trying that hard but you are still in the comfort of jeans. Also, they are extremely flattering, as far as jeans go the darker the better if you are looking to flatter your legs. 

xoxo, nb

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