Thursday, October 18, 2012

23. Charm Bracelet

So this beauty of a Charm Bracelet is from middle school and although it is outdated and I don't wear it anymore I am so glad I have it. It is a true reflection of who I was at 13. I am hoping soon that I will be starting a new charm bracelet... maybe I'll be starting that after Christmas? Well, in honor of Throwback Thursday I thought I would send a few little messages back in time to my 13 year old self.

1. Yes, those white pants are see through, no wearing pink panties doesn't make it better.
2. Just because the boy you like is a skateboarder DOES NOT mean you are... although you will get a nice scar on your ankle that says otherwise.
3. Do not develop the habit of eating straight out of the ice cream container... that will literally bite you in the butt in college.
4. When your friends tell you that you are becoming a bit of a snob they are probably right, you should listen.
5. No, Roxy and Billabong are not high fashion.
6. That blow-up chair is not actually a lifetime investment it will have no place in your future home.
7. Good for you for learning how to stand up for yourself, that doesn't make you a jerk
8. Spend more time with your family, pretty soon you won't life there anymore
9. It's okay to shop sales!!
10. Lastly, those braces won't stay on forever.

What would you tell you 13 year old self?

xoxo, nb

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