Tuesday, September 18, 2012

8. Belts

Necklace: ebay {free}, Top: George {old}, Belt: Joe Fresh $2.50, Pants: AEO $40, Shoes: Payless {gifted}

Belts. Belts. Belts! Belts are a great accessory that every woman should have! It is important to have a selection of colors and widths. I decided to do some inventory and I discovered I have 17 belts! A belt is an easy way to dress up a simple dress, cinch a voluptuous shirt, hold your pants up and accessorize any outfit. I recommend not spending a lot on belts, it's pretty easy to find them for an affordable price. I once read somewhere that you should always check out your local thrift store for cool old belts and so I am passing that knowledge on to you. Hope it works out for you!

xoxo, nb

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