Friday, November 9, 2012

37. Flip Flops

Blue, Gold & Pink: Joe Fresh $4, White: Old Navy $3

Well since it snowed today I decided to do my Flip Flop post! Now remember this is a list of items every girl should have in her closet so there will be a few items that aren't necessarily "high fashion". I absolutely believe that Flip Flops do not have any place at church, or anywhere that you are expected to dress nice. I know some may disagree with me and that is totally fine but Flip Flops are extremely casual. With that said they are perfect for a day at the lake or beach, perfect for running around in the sprinklers in your backyard, mowing the lawn {for tanning purposes not safety purposes} and anything else along that line. 

Because of my Flip Flop activities I don't really believe in spending a whole lot of money on them but I do have to say that Joe Fresh Flip Flops are amazingly comfortable and Old Navy's are NOT. I know there are some die-hard ON fans out there that can't start summer without buying a few pairs but I would really recommend finding some Joe Fresh ones if you have a store near you. Clouds I tell you. Also if you do feel like splurging get yourself some Haviannas, apparently once you wear these you will never want to wear any other brand. My husband swears by them, I have not yet had the privilege of finding a nice color on sale... maybe one day. What are your thoughts on Flip Flops? Also I do not believe in calling them thongs... please.

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