Wednesday, December 5, 2012

51. Lotion

You guys, how many of you skip over the, oh-so-important, morning-regime step of putting on lotion? It is so important! Especially if you live somewhere that is cold in the winter because coldness dries up soft skin. I use my St. Ives every morning to moisturize my legs. If I am going to wear perfume that day then I use my St. Ives for my arms as well but if not I use a pretty smelling lotion instead. So these are the top 3 kinds of lotions each girl should have.

1. A quality lotion you can buy in "bulk" at walmart, none of this 3 oz stuff, to use for your legs. I prefer Vanilla or Shea Butter, something neutral.
2. Pretty smelling lotion that you love! Don't get a smell because it's "trendy" because if you don't love it you will come to absolutely HATE it. Smelly lotion rubs off on your clothes so you better like it!
3. Mini lotions to put in all your bags. This is so important! They are so easy to find in your favorite scents. Also, confession time, some of mine are the complimentary lotions from hotels. Hey, if it smells good, why not?

What do you think? What is your favorite lotion scent? Mine is the Body Shops Shea Whip... Yum :)

xoxo, nb

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