Monday, September 24, 2012

14. Black Tights

Jacket: Luii via Winners $35, Dress: Joe Fresh $15, Necklace: Joe Fresh $7, 
Tights: Winners $5, Shoes: Payless - gifted

Okay I went a little picture crazy for this post but it just felt so Audrey Hepburn and I was really excited about that. So, black tights. There are a few different kinds of black tights that really every lady should have; sheer, opaque, and some sort of pattern. I love these Fleur de Lis tights, they add a little oomph to any outfit but sometimes you just need a sheer or opaque pair of tights so it's important to have the basics just in case. Also I feel like you should definitely shop for a bargain because even the most expensive tights can get a run without any warning so don't spend too much on them. I try to find a quality pair on a good sale.

xoxo, nb

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