Wednesday, October 17, 2012

22. Cashmere Sweater

Sweater: Gap - $8 + gift card, Necklace: Joe Fresh $7, Purse: Maurices $10
Skirt: Forever 21 $8, Tights: Forever 21 $5.80, Shoes: Aldo $18

Confession: this isn't actually cashmere but it has that cashmere look that is absolutely timeless. I'll admit this color might not be current forever but this is the color of the year according to Pantone (and I believe them) and it happens to be a great color for me so I am snatching it up left and right while I can.   I love sweaters like this, they keep you warm but it is light-weight, AKA so flattering. They hug you in all the right places and are so easy to layer. Also did I not get a crazy good deal on this sweater? How I love a good deal!

xoxo, nb

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