Monday, October 29, 2012

30. Cream Coat

Coat: Nine West $100, Purse: Aldo $35, Pants: Gap $30

Today I am guest posting over at Classy Confessions. By chance I got to meet Megan of CC a few weeks ago and she is just the sweetest. I love my blogging but one of the best parts has been the amazing girls I have got to connect with. Go check out her blog because it is awesome!

I love this coat. You know how you have a few items in your closet that just give you an extra bounce in your step and make you feel like a million bucks? Well this is one of mine. Now a word of advice, a light colored jacket like this does take a little maintenance. You do have to keep it clean or it looks awful but I think it is well worth the upkeep. Also you should take into consideration that some people look better in white than cream and vice versa. If you are looking for a fun new coat I would definitely check out Macy's, they have some amazing coats, especially their Calvin Klein collection. Last week they were all 50% off and I'm sure they will have a sale again so keep a look out for a good deal and I will too!

xoxo, nb

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