Monday, December 3, 2012

49. Link Watch

Top: Ann Taylor $10, Skirt: MADE BY ME!, Necklace: eBay $12
Purse: Aldo $50, Watch: Guess - gifted, Shoes: Payless $20

There is something about wearing creams and gold that makes me feel like I am a million bucks. It is such a classy pairing. Proud Moment: yes, I made that skirt! I made it in mind for my University Graduation, I think it turned out pretty great. Well, the link watch, in this case it is a dainty watch. I love my Mens-wear inspired watch, I wear it all the time but sometimes you want something a little more feminine. I once read that because your wrist is the smallest part of your body you never want to wear anything to bulky on it if you want to appear small and dainty. Now, I'm not sure how much I believe this but I do know that sometimes it feels nice to appear ladylike and dainty and if a watch can give you that then why not! What do you guys think?

xoxo, nb

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