Monday, November 12, 2012

39. Gloves

Coat: Calvin Klein via Macys' $167, Purse: Aldo $13, Gloves: Aldo gifted
Necklace: Joe Fresh $7, Jeans: AEO $40, Boots: gifted

Gloves are a girls best friend in the winter if she lives in a cold place like Idaho! I would suggest having at least one pair of black gloves and another pair of brown. If I lived in a perfect world I would have a pair for every coat and they would just wait in my pockets for me so I didn't have to scavenge through all my coats to find my gloves every time I leave the house but alas the world is an imperfect place. You could also consider having some leather and suede but I would recommend treating them with a weatherproof spray you typically use on boots. If you have to clean off any cars you know why. Also I would suggest getting one pair of a fun color, I have some red gloves that just melt my heart. Gloves are certainly practical here in Idaho but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with them still!

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