Wednesday, October 24, 2012

26. Cocktail Ring

Before I talk about cocktail rings, exciting news! I am guest posting over at The Workman Life on Dani's blog, she is fantastic and I was flattered when she asked me to guest post. Go over and check out my top 5 favorite looks of my Project 100 so far and take a look around her blog because it's just great!

You guys, cocktail rings are so fun! I wore one everyday before I was engaged and married but I have to admit that since getting my special ring I have retired my cocktail rings because I don't want anything competing with my ring! But that is only personal preference and I know lots of married ladies that are still rocking a fun chunky ring on their right hand. None of my rings were over $10 and honestly most of them were under $5. Shop for sales and don't worry about spending a lot of money because most people can't tell if something is real or not, either way just have fun with it!

xoxo, nb

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