Tuesday, November 20, 2012

43. Jeans

Sweater: Gap $8 + GC, Scarf: Gap $1 + GC, Bracelet: GroopDealz $4
Jeans: AEO $40, Boots: Payless - gifted. Watch: AEO $35

What 100 list would be complete without the basic Jeans. Everyone NEEDS a pair of jeans that fit them like a second skin, that sounds gross but it's true! Your perfect pair of jeans could be waiting for you anywhere! I have found mine continually at American Eagle for the last 7 years, they fit perfect, they are comfortable and I love them! Now, that doesn't mean AEO is going to fit all of you perfectly. You might find yours at Old Navy, Gap, heck you might find them at Macy's. Perfect Jeans can be found at any price point and if you find your perfect pair for $100 no judgement here. Just like the perfect man, it takes some searching so when you find that perfect pair of jeans don't let them go!

xoxo, nb

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