Tuesday, November 6, 2012

36. Flared Jeans

Jacket: Mine via TJ Maxx $30, Top: Gap $8, Jeans: AEO $40
Scarf: Gap $1 + gift card, Clutch: H&M $12, Shoes: Aldo $18

I remember in middle school when "bell bottoms" became huge again, literally, they were massive. I had a pair of silver jeans that were probably 12 inches wide. Now that would actually be called a wide-legged pant. So a Flared jean is usually around 8 inches wide at the bottom. I think they have a nice relaxed feel to them but you can still dress them up a little. I especially love wearing mine with heels or wedges. It is important that flared jeans are hemmed properly because they are a wider leg, if they aren't hemmed for the right shoes they lay rather sloppy. I have warn these with flats and they just don't look as good. Also the in order for them to be flares and not wide-legged the flare should start just below the knee. If the flare starts before the knee it's really more of a wide-legged pant and if it starts mid calf you got yourself some true bell-bottoms!

I bought this scarf this weekend at Gap and I love it! For some reason I can't kick off my Christmas season without buying something knitted from Gap. Every year I have to get something and then it really feels like Christmas. It's a tradition I rather enjoy! You can find it here.

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