Wednesday, September 26, 2012

7. Basic Heels

Top: Victoria Secret {gifted}, Necklace: JC Penneys {gifted}
Jeans: AEO $40, Shoes: Payless $8

Okay the deal about the basic heel is keep it simple. If you aren't really into shopping then you should take the time to invest in a simple/basic heel. Look for a toe that follows the natural shape of your toes, not squared but not too rounded. To start get it in a neutral color, black would be best if you don't own any heels yet. Because these shoes are so simple they don't date very fast and you can wear them for a long time. If you already have some basic colors don't be afraid to try some color-blocking ones or ones with a funky pattern on them. If the shape of the shoe isn't very extreme it is likely that they will cycle in and out which prolongs the life of the shoes greatly. Sounds like a great buy right?

xoxo, nb

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