Friday, September 28, 2012

13. Black Tee

Jacket: bycorpus. $25, Tee: Smart Set $13, Necklace: Aldo $5,
 Capris: AEO {old} Shoes: Calvin Klein {old}, Bangles: Forever 21 $3.80

The black tee is just as versatile as the white tee but it is a lot more friendly. We all have days where we feel a little bloated or just gross and the black tee will be your best friend on those days. It is incredibly forgiving and can easily be dressed up or down. This is a little bit dressy but if you swapped the jacket for a cardigan and the shoes for some sandals all of a sudden you are ready for a day at the park. OR if you switched the capris for a pencil skirt you would be ready for a job interview. See what I mean? And you can do all these looks with a scoop neck, v-neck or crew cut. I bet you didn't know there were so many possibilities did you?

xoxo, nb

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