Friday, December 14, 2012

52. Magazine Subscription

I wait in anticipation every month for my InStyle Magazine to come, it is full of amazing tips, beautiful clothes and never-ending inspiration. Right now you can subscribe for $20 plus you get a bottle of nail polish. A friend and I got a special last year where we both signed up and saved $5 and it was one of my best decisions ever, first of all it saved me a ton of money and now I get my copy before it even hits news stands! 

This is one of my favorite features of the magazine. They don't issue a Neutral Know-How every month but I love when they do. I have them hanging in my closet on a little magnetic board; I totally use them all the time! It helped me plan this post actually.

This is my other favorite feature... I admit I skip straight to it when I get my copy. I love color, I think it is fascinating how colors can totally change an outfit and transform a person. I also love how colors work together to create a beautiful look. So it's always fun to look at what color they are featuring that month and see how I can play with it.

If you haven't considered checking out InStyle I hope this opened your eyes to something new and wonderful because I really do love this publication and I am so glad my Aunt advised me to check it out!

xoxo, nb

P.S. This is not a sponsored post.

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