Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Burgers & Fries

Today is Wednesday and Wednesday is wonderful because I only have one class and Kennedy only has two... my one class is Social Dance. We discovered today that the Cha Cha is just not really for us but we can Waltz the heck out of anybody... we are just real classy like that I guess.

Today I got to meet another fellow blogger... she is in my dance class! She had on this amazing blazer and I thought it was the one from GAP I have been dreaming of but she told me it was from Forever 21 for $80.00 cheaper! Anyways she has a great blog AND shes' having a giveaway so go check her out here.

So right before we took these pictures we ate a burger and fries from the CrossRoads and they were so yum! How come unhealthy foods are SO delicious anyways? Also why isn't Spring here yet? Just wondering.

Wearing: Jacket: Forever 21, Top: Thrifted, Necklace: Pearls gifted, Belt: Thrifted, Jeans: American Eagle, Wedges: Ross.

Anyways (I say that so much!) hope you all enjoyed the middle of your week!

your girl, nb

P.S. we had to use to bad camera today, hence the blur.


  1. who ever knew school food could be so delish?! Anddd thank you for the shout out anddd I found somemore f21 blazers online:

    F21 is love and they NEED to build one in Rexburg ay-sap.

  2. I know! We basically have a four star cafeteria. Thanks for the link too, you are so awesome <3

  3. haha no kiding! I was impressed for sure :) p.s. I'm like in love with your blog haha aka I've been stalking it


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