Monday, February 6, 2012

Today I Adore {some} Advertisements

Who would've ever thought a blue purse could be so versatile! I use this purse any chance I get! I am basically obsessed with it and I hope it never becomes passé! Anyways, did any of you check out the Superbowl yesterday? I think it was the first game I actually sat down and watched the whole thing {while hand sewing cuffs on a shirt but oh well it counts}, it was a pretty good game. BUT there were a few advertisements that I really loved... the M&M one? PLEASE tell me someone else died laughing at that little M&M shaking his stuff :) Loved it.

Well my outfit today was actually inspired by an outfit Kyra Sedgwick wore to one of the award shows last year {I'm sorry I couldn't find a pic!} but she wore this gorgeous coral/orange gown with blue accessories and it was love at first sight! I wish I could dress in this color combo everyday but that would probably get a little redundant.

Blazer: Forever 21 - $25.80
Shirt: Old Navy - $4.70
Jeans: AEO - $35.00
Boots: Famous Footwear - $50.00
Necklace: JC Penneys - gifted
Purse: Aldo - $25.00

Well it's the beginning of a new week and you guys, I have a good feeling about it. I hope you have a great monday!

xoxo, nb

P.S. Tell me, what did you adore today?

For your enjoyment :)

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