Monday, February 13, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Valentines Decor

Unless you live under a rock {in which case you wouldn't be reading this} you know tomorrow is Valentines Day {or Singles Awareness Day}. You might remember my January craft and if you do this is the same except it's for Valentines Day! This is the first "themed" frame I did so when I pulled it out I thought I did a pretty good/cute job :)

Scrapbook Paper
Matching stickers, punch outs, etc
Glue {maybe} or sticky dots
Any knick knacks you want!

Step 1: Cut out your paper in correct size, mine were 4x6
Step 2: Arrange the papers in the most complimentary way. Think patterns and shades. You can see my really light papers are spread out and my text is spread out.
Step 3: Insert your paper in your frames BUT put the glass underneath the papers so that the paper stays in place but you can still make your design 3D with your knick knacks and stick-ons.
Step 4: Lay out where you want all your accessories and apply!
Step 5: Enjoy and show it off :)

Well sorry for no post on Friday, we went on a little road trip with friends... it was so fun! We went to a Jazz game, did some shopping, ate some amazing food but mostly we enjoyed great company. Aren't friends just the best?

xoxo, nb

P.S. What do you adore today?

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