Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Winter Decor

It hasn't been much of a winter wonderland here in Rexburg {which I am loving} but it is still January. Last year I started doing a little themed frame set for each month. This is my January Set. It's pretty basic.

Scrapbook Paper
Matching stickers, punch outs, etc.

Step 1: Cut out your paper in correct size, mine were 4x6
Step 2: Arrange the papers in the most complimentary way
Step 3: Insert your paper in your frames BUT put the glass underneath the papers so that the paper stays in place but it can remain 3D
Step 4: Lay out where you want all your accessories and apply!
Step 5: Enjoy and show off

Sorry I have been a lame-face blogger guys, I have some wonderful outfits to share with you but I wanted to share this tutorial before January was over! Next month is V-Day so I have some fun tutorials planned!

xoxo, nb

P.S. What did you adore today?

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