Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today I Adore Grocery Shopping Adventures.

Yesterday was monday, that is grocery shopping day. Kennedy was taking a test so I went solo. I was going down the bread aisle and there was a little boy, probably around 3, and he had a cart that you carry but he had it on the ground and was pushing it around. Except when he pushed it he put his head down, I'm sure for better mileage, and pushed with all his might... Needless to say we collided. It was all fun and games and I screamed but then his Dad said, "You're not supposed to run into the cute ones!" Uh.... is it just me or was that a little strange? I guess I was flattered but I didn't know how to acknowledge  it because obviously he has a kid and we are in Rexburg so it's not like he was much older than me... so off I went. I'm quite sure it was just a Dad being a nerd but still! Has anything like that ever happened to you??

Well today I decided to go with all neutrals. I love a pop of color so dressing in all neutrals was challenging but I think it turned out alright. There is something classic about keeping it simple. Although I am sorry for the blurry pics {lame}. On a side note this is one of my favorite tops but it's never made it on my blog until now!

Blouse: Gap - $15.00
Pants: Gap - $30.00 + gift certificates
Boots: Payless - gifted
Necklace: Jc Penneys - gifted
Belt: Garage - $5.00
Purse: Maurices - $10.00
Watch: Aldo - $35.00

Well I hope you all get a nice compliment in a weird way today :) Just kidding, but seriously.

xoxo, nb

P.S. I'm dying to know, what did you adore today?

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