Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Have you ever had a conversation with someone that said "I don't know how to say this but..."? Usually they don't start or end well. I had an experience like that today but I was the one who was going to say something that was potentially offensive but not meant that way.. on my blog! This blogging thing is tricky because I'm just sitting in my kitchen "alone" with my thoughts but as soon as I put them on my blog, well who knows who's going to read it! So I decided to not share my exciting thought in case it did offend someone. Which is too bad because I am pretty pumped about it. I tell you what, communication is tricky!

Blouse: AEO - thrifted $4.00
Tank: Down East - $10.00
Pants: Joe Fresh - $10.00
Shoes: Spring - $12.00
Necklace & Bangles: Forever 21 - $5.00

Well everyone, I hope that you all have something exciting going on and that you have someone to share it with even if its not on the internet! Have a wonderful day :)

xoxo, nb

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