Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday Melt Down

Guys... my computers name is Bratface... she has been accurately named and we have this serious Love/Hate relationship... as in I love to hate her. She is coming on five years old and in computer years that is ancient... so yesterday we had a pretty big fight and I lost {as usual} hence no blog post. So I am very sorry that yesterday I was a no-show. I graduate this April and once I do not have to pay for tuition I will be buying a new friend :) Anyways... guys I am pretty sure I said Tuesday was going to be my "inspiration day". Well this outfit was inspired by Blair Waldorf... I LOVE Gossip Girl, it is my favorite show EVER. Anyways in the first two seasons Blair wore a headband everyday and sometimes I enjoy channeling my inner-Blair and wear a headband. Also she is really into pearls, feminine details and fabrics. 

Anyways, I am pretty much zonked out as I am writing this so {hopefully} I'll see you guys tomorrow!

xoxo, nb

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