Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  • The inside of my pants are silky so keeping them off the ground when going to the bathroom was difficult {yuck}
  • During our class presentations {hence my spiffiness} remembering a ten minute presentation given by someone my freshman year.. she said "um" over 100 times... thats every 6 seconds!
  • Hugging my short friend with heels on...
  • Remebering the first time I met K's mission companions and I had a Nyquil hangover... not pretty.
  • Going to Utah this weekend for conference and K's mission reunion!
  • Seeing my wonderful friend Kristy in Provo!
  • Hanging out with our new "married" friends Sunday & Monday! Who's popular??
  • Making popcorn for the drive :)
I hope everyone has an ammmmazing weekend and if you are travelling be safe!

xoxo, nb

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