Friday, March 11, 2011

Today Kennedy Fell Down.

So today I wore heels after I talked about them so much yesterday. Well, when we got outside to go to school there was ice surrounding our car... and I'm not kidding it was the ONLY ice in the ENTIRE parking lot. So I told Kennedy that I didn't want to walk on the ice because I was scared I would slip, because he is so amazing he said "thats okay, I'll just pull out and you can hop in". So he went to go get in the car and he slipped and fell haha. His jeans (that we washed yesterday) got all muddy and gross and it got on his coat and sweater so he had to run upstairs and change... boy was I glad I didn't walk on the ice!

I have a runny nose today and I think that my nose is running a marathon and it's sprinting the whole way! We bought Puffs Vicks tissues today and I feel very happy and my nose is happier too :) So, if you are sick with a runny nose, please, please, go buy some Vicks Puffs tissues and your nose will smile.

So I got in a fight with my hair today... I maybe came out on top but I seriously spent twenty minutes trying to do my hair and nothing would work... so I put on a headband and today was my tribute to Blair Waldorf GG seasons 1&2... it`s my fav show :) Anyways, I don`t wear headbands very often but every once in awhile it`s nice to break them out!

Wearing: Headband: Ardenes, Jacket: By Corpis, Blouse: Forever 21, Belt: GAP, Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters, Shoes & Bag: ALDO.

Well it is Friday and K and I are going to the Slam Dunk Comp. on campus tonight so hopefully it will be super sweet. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

your girl, nb


  1. That headband looks so cute on you! I never can get headbands to look right on me. And I can't even count how many times I've fallen in Rexburg it's been so many. One time I even passed out!

  2. It's okay, some days headbands do not look good on me either... it's hit & miss. haha and I am sorry that winter has been so mean to you! I love Rexburg but in the winter it has a bit of a mean streak too!


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