Thursday, March 10, 2011

WANTED: Red Heels

Happy Thursday! Today I really wanted Red Heels for my outfit. Every once in awhile when I get dressed in the morning I crave those Red Heels and wish they were sitting in my front closet just waiting for me to put my little toes in them... but alas that is not so. SO I wore my white flats... now that I am thinking about it I probably should have worn my red flats... hm... next time? 

Also I have realized that I have isshoes (get it?). For whatever reason I really struggle to commit to buying heels. I adore heels but I am always worried when I think about buying them. What if they are uncomfortable? Really that is my main concern... flats are so dependable, I always know they will be comfy and cute. I am working with my commitment isshoes though... Next week I vow to wear heels twice!

So this was my attempt at spinning gracefully.. yah I know.. better luck next time. But on the up side it was BEAUTIFUL today and I was so happy that I didn`t even care if my spinning was kind of tragic.

Wearing: Blazer: Forever 21, Top: GAP, Necklace: Forever 21, Belt: Charlotte Russe, Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters, Shoes: Spring.

Well because it was beautiful I had an awesomazing day. I hope you all did too! And I hope you had a gorgeous smile on all your gorgeous faces!

your girl nb


  1. If you ever need to borrow some red heels I have some in a 7... or 6.5 hahI can't even remember but the moral is, they're super cute peep toe red pumps. They're collecting some dust and would like a day out if you ever need to borrow em :)

  2. I love that gold belt with the blazer! How Hollywood Glam!

    North Meets South


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