Monday, March 14, 2011

Red = Love

Well it's Monday today and this weekend was DST and we lost an hour! Let me tell you, I dearly love that hour we lost and it was much missed this morning. Normally I wake up around eight which is wonderful because my class doesn't start until 11:30 but today I woke up at 10:30! I never sleep that late... I blame it on DST. But... it is almost 7:00 and it is still totally light outside! That makes me so happy.

So while I was rushing to get ready I could also hear the wind rushing so that is why my hair is way up. This morning it looked like I was wearing a Turban with feathers... it tamed down a bit as the day went thankfully. 

Wearing: Jacket: Diesel, top: Smart Set, Owl Necklace: Forever 21, Pants: AEO, and Shoes: AE Shoes.

So I know that I have now worn my Leather Jacket twice in a week but you don't understand. It sat in my closet all winter just waiting to be worn and it waited to patiently too. So I am just giving it love after it's lonely winter. See... I am so nice!

Okay... so I was being a nerd but you know how Jackets always have really cool interiors and NO ONE gets to see them so you walk around all day wanting to tell people "Yah, I have a cool jacket but you should see the inside!" Of course you don't actually ever say that and no one asks to see this inside, even if they did that might be awkward. Anyways so here, now you know my Jacket has a cool red inside.

your girl, nb

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  1. cute hairstyle! those flats look great paired with the leather jacket!


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