Monday, February 7, 2011

Color My World

Today I found my love for Colored Tights. Where have they been all my life anyways? I came across this wonderful site and she had this great outfit with green opaque tights. My first question was “Why don’t I own some of those!” I couldn’t think of anything else! In my afternoon class I was so spacey it was ridiculous. Once I got home it was all I could talk about, I was practically bouncing of the walls jabbering about Colored Tights. My husband, being the dear that he is sent me straight to the mall, maybe just to get rid of me and my new found passion! But I did find four different pairs; Fuschia, Royal Blue, Cream and Ruby Red :) I found two at Old Navy for $5.00 each and two at Dillards for $6.50 each. As soon as I look presentable I will put up some pictures with them. My challenge to all of you… skip your fast food indulgence and spend $5.00 on a new pair of colored tights and pair them with something amazing! Check out this site if you don’t feel like leaving home!

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