Monday, February 7, 2011

Where Was My Camera?

Today I wore one of my favorite outfits to church… so where was my camera? Thats a good question. I will wear it again one of these days and I vow to myself that it will get documented. I do not go to church for the sole purpose of dressing up and seeing what others are wearing but I will admit it might be my third favorite part of church! Conference Weekend… it’s like a fashion extravaganza! Anyways, this evening I was watching Glee, I don’t know if there are any other Gleeks out there reading this but was I the only one who noticed that Lea Michele’s character Rachel was wearing these amazing red tights while she sang her duet with Puck? I was ecstatic. 
I found this picture on It’s a pretty neat site.. the image is of the April 2010 Conference Themes. There are so many amazing, talented women in the world! Love it.
Okay goal of the week: three great outfits that I love so much that I have to photograph them and post them. Alright.. Monday here I come!
your girl, nb

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