Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday.

Okay so I have never done this before... I'm not sure if I need to link up to The Daybook blog where this originated but you guys should check it out because Sydney is awesome and I love her blog!

  • Yesterday having a fellow student ride by me on her bike and yell a mean critical statement at me...  I just smiled at her and kept walking, super confused.
  • Thinking said cyclist was going to compliment my outfit only to be insulted.
  • Having Kennedy call me and tell me he was changing his major and career path while I was checking out at Porters, when I apologized to the cashier and told her what happened she stared at me like "why are you telling me this?"
  • Kennedy and I both wore gingham today... oops.
  • Telling my study group I had to go because I had to pee... AWKWARD.. like they don't pee too.

  • Kennedy decided to be a seminary teacher which means I may be able to return to EFY one day as the session directors wife {let's keep our fingers crossed}
  • Having the best classes ever!
  • Getting re-hired as a Games Manager for the fourth semester
  • Catching the Seven Things You Need to Know Before You Go this morning on Cosmo Radio
  • Meeting super awesome people in our new ward on Sunday.
  • Getting to blog again!
  • Having lunch with Kendra and Michelle today. Looove you :)
Well there is my first attempt at A&A Thursday... hope you enjoyed!

xoxo, nb

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