Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Delicious. {Pinterest Top Five}

Hello everyone! I am glad you all enjoyed the nails last week, they were very fun indeed! This week I am feeling it is about time we celebrate cupcakes and all the amazing things that can be done to them! Seriously, cupcakes are amazing.

1. These are sooo cute! They remind me of Finding Nemo. I think they would be perfect for a themed birthday party for a little kid.

2. Okay... I don't know what it is about owls but I loooove owls... I don't actually think I could eat this cupcake because I like it so much!

3. Also... Rainbows are one of my favorite things... Random Fact: Rainbow was my first word.

4. Haha, too funny right? Whoever thought of this was quite clever!

5. These remind me of a dipped cone from DQ... yummy :)

Well, I hope that got your mouths watering and perhaps got your sweet tooth calling! Sorry :)

xoxo, nb

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