Thursday, June 23, 2011

Take Me Home Tonight.

Guys... today I am addicted to 80`s rock ballads. I don`t know where this came from... it just came out of nowhere but I am totally feeling it. I now have an `Eighties` playlist on YouTube and if I was super rich I would now own a bunch of 80`s songs but sadly I am not that rich...

This weekend we spent Saturday at Waterton in Glacier National Park... if you haven`t been there before you are missing out, if you live far away and just can`t make the trip you are still  missing you but I understand. Lesson: if you live close you better get your bums up there this summer and enjoy its beauty!

I felt like my outfit was a little Hamptons inspired but I don`t actually really know what they wear there... but if I were cast in a movie and we went to the Hamptons I think I would wear something similiar... maybe not. One day I will vacation there and I`ll let you know. 

Top: GAP $14.99
Capris: American Eagle - gifted
Sandals: Walmart $9.99
Belt: GAP $19.80
Necklace: Wetseal $7.50

While we took this last picture some asain tourists crossed the road and giggled at me, I giggled back. Anyways, the title of my post is an 80`s song and it`s by Eddie Money, my fav of the night is No One Like You by the Scorpions so if you feel so inclined to indulge yourself in some serious 80`s treasures look those up!

xoxo, nb

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