Monday, June 20, 2011

Seeing Red.

Hello everyone! This picture is from my "adventure" I went on about a month ago. My old roommate and I had a girls weekend and spent it in Rexburg with some of our amazing friends. We had a blast and we were so busy having fun we only had time to snatch a few pictures and... I only liked this one!

Cardigan: Target $17.50
Floral Tank: Smart Set $12.00
Tee: GAP - gift certificate
Jeans: AEO $39.50
Shoes: Payless $7.00
Belt: GAP $19.80
Purse: ALDO $13.00
Necklace: Plato`s Closet $1.50

Well everyone... I hope you had a better Monday than mine! I sadly misplaced my belongings more than once and my mower broke three different times in three different ways. But tomorrow will be a new day :)

xoxo, nb

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