Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gusts of Wind.

Hey everyone! Well up in Canada we have a long weekend! Woo hoo! So that means it is time for an adventure... and I am off for a grand adventure this weekend but it's a Top Secret mission so I can't really talk about it yet! But I am super excited.

So the day we took these pictures was SO windy, like hatch down your roofs because it's fierce outside! So we waited all day long before we took pictures and it was still pretty windy but the sunset was gorgeous. I may be prejudice but Southern Alberta has some pretty spectacular sunsets... some of the best I'm sure.

Wearing: Purse: ALDO, Blazer, Forever 21, Tank: Old Navy, Belt: JOE, Jeans: AEO, Shoes: Payless

So I have had this purse for a few months but I have been a little intimidated by it as it is sooo small! If you have noticed any of my previous bags they are way bigger than this one but I really wanted to try out the small shoulder purse look and I feel pretty good with it in this outfit. Now the next challenge is to find another outfit that works with it! Anyways everyone enjoy your weekend... I'll see you Tuesday as mine is extra long :)

your girl, nb

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