Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meet My New Purse.

Hello my wonderful friends! I bought a new purse this past week. We went to the mall last Saturday and I saw it; it was instant love. We are trying to save most of our money this summer and be "super savers" so I didn't get it. Well... we were at the mall a few days later and I was basically drooling over this purse so Kennedy said I should just buy it. So I told the sales associate that I was going to buy it and she went to the back to get one for me... she came back without one because I had the last one in my hand! What a relief that I came when I did! 

So my nails are red so I have been having fun adding touches of red into my outfits. My next nail project is Ombre nails... check it out here. If you are on pintrest I pinned it too. If you are not on pintrest you should be because it's amazing.

Okay so if you checked out my link for the nails you came to this wonderful {brand new this week} site TheBeautyDepartment. I have been going there everyday for new ideas, and I love it, today they had this hairstyle so I gave it a try. It looks better with blonde hair because you can see it better but I was still happy with it... you will be seeing it more often!

Wearing: Cardigan: Forever 21, Top: Gap Outlet, Necklace: WetSeal, Shoes: Payless, Purse: ALDO

Well everyone today was great and tomorrow is my lil sisters 13th Birthday, she will be a legit teenager so watch out world. Ready Or Not, Here Comes Becca! Also I love her and she is my fav little sister!

your girl, nb

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