Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Memory of an Elephant

So initially I was going to wear my cream shirt with this outfit and there was my green shirt hanging in the closet and it dawned on me that Green and Red are complimentary colors! I love when people wear Green & Red well... but you never want it to look like Christmas! I feel like this did not look like Christmas though.

As you can see behind me is our wonderful little gnome Grant. When Kennedy came home from his mission the first house he lived in had this gnome and we thought it was so funny! So when he moved in with his Sister we snatched it up! I know, we are so bad. So once we got married naturally Grant came with us. Sometimes we toy with the idea of getting him a GF but we feel like he enjoys his Independence, we would hate for Grant to feel smothered.

And this is a close up of my elephant charm. I love it. I bought it because I have a memory like an elephant and elephants are cute. I worked at a jewelry store a few summers ago so I had an AMAZING discount but since I was saving for school I couldn't take complete advantage of it but I did purchase this cute little charm!

Wearing: Cardigan: JOE Fresh, Top: GAP, Belt: Betsey Johnson, Tank: Down East, Jeans: American Eagle, Flats: ALDO, Charm: Wrights Jewelry and Chain: gifted

Also I hope you noticed the beautiful wreath hanging on our door. I have wanted a Cranberry wreath FOREVER but I hadn't found one that I liked the look AND the price. This Christmas my mother-in-law gave it to me and it's totally perfect. I love it! Hope your day was amazing!

your girl, nb

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  1. I really like the braided neckline on your shirt, and the cardigan!


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