Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Primary Colors

Happy Belated Valentines Day Everyone! I was sick yesterday and so there were no posts, sadly. Today it was a wonderful 43 F or 6 C which is amazing for Idaho in February! I didn't even wear a coat this afternoon while I was calling a client for our I-Comm Agency! I went and sat in the sun while I took notes, it was amazing.

So this is my beautiful cream Nine West coat. I found it a week before Christmas but because K (husband) loves me so much he thought I deserved an early Christmas present!

This is one of my favorite tops from Forever 21 which I have had for two years but I recently got my high waisted skirt so I can wear it like it was meant to be worn. Also these tights... I LOVE. Bright red <3 So gorgeous right? Another break-through item of this outfit is my shoes. For the longest time I was to scared to wear pointy shoes because I was afraid of looking like a witch! Even though I loved them on other people... however I found these at payless for $7.00 and I fell in love.

Hello world, meet my Nine West Tote that captured my heart one day at TJ Maxx for $25.00! I bought it when I was in the RS presidency and had meetings every Sunday but it comes in handy now when I have to dress up for school and I don't want to wear a back pack!

your girl, nb

Question: What is one item in your closet you were scared to buy?

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