Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Christmas Banner

At our house Christmas is a big deal and since the beginning of October Christmas has been creeping into our house! Now that it's mid November we feel like we can fully embrace it. I made this cute Christmas banner, it was so easy, super cheap and I think it adds a really fun touch to my Christmas decor so I am sharing it with you!

12x12 paper (at least 3) It's best if you get double sided paper then you will have more options
Ribbon, I needed about 15 ft., that was only one roll for $1.97 at Walmart

First start by cutting the paper in half. Now you have two pieces of paper and they are each 6x12. On the top of each paper mark a point at 2", 6" and 10". At the bottom of each paper mark at the 4" and 8". You can see below what that should like. Technically my paper hasn't been cut in half yet but hopefully it's clear how to mark it.

 Second, you will connect the points together creating triangles. Now cut along those lines.
Next you can lay out all your cute triangles in whatever order you want. 

Then place the ribbon on the top of the triangles and staple it to the triangles. It works best with a staple at each end of the triangle. Thats all! Your Done! Hang it up and enjoy!

I decided to do two strands but you can do as many or as little as you want! I have a ton of left overs so who knows I might make some more and put them in my kitchen. If you guys do it let me know how it went and if you blog about it definitely leave a link for me and post a link on your blog too! Merry Christmas!

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