Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Liebster Award

Well Megan from Daffodil Cats gave me the Liebster award. The cool things about these "awards" is it really helps uncover neat little blogs that are trying to build an audience. When you win one of these you are given a few questions to ask to help people get to know you better as a blogger so here we go...

1. Do you have a favorite book?

Yes, Leadership & Self Deception - The Arbinger Institute. EVERYONE should read this, it will change your life. Seriously.

2. If you could buy a brand new car, what would it be?

A black Cadillac Escalade... ooooh yah.

3. Cat or Dog person?

I admit kitties are cute but I am a sucker for little dogs

4. Where was your least favorite vacation?

Funny enough, Rexburg. On my 16th birthday my parents dragged me to Rexburg {on our way to Utah for spring break} to show me around the campus. It was snowing. I wore flip flops and shorts just to be defiant.

5. Mac or Windows?


6. Do you think you'll chop off your long locks?

Well.. you just never know! But not anytime soon.

7. What style do you think are the most unflattering?

I HATE mullets. Yuck.

8. If you could live anywhere, would you actually live there or would you stick to what you know?

I would love to live in New York and LA for awhile but not forever

9. Can you speak any other languages?

Just english for me :)

Well now I get to nominate a few other blogs and pass along the fun...

Mackenzie from Rosie Mae Blog <<< Seriously this girl is super talented, check out her blog!
Laura from The Outfit Addiction Blog << I love her style, she's got a great eye.

Okay girls well have fun answering the above questions and picking your own favorite "new" blogs!

xoxo, nb

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