Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today I Adore Learning.

So today we woke up 30 minutes before we needed to leave so my hair was quickly clean and thrown on top of my head... needless to say it was not a very special looking day so I am sharing a different treat with you today!

You guys, I have stumbled upon what may be on of the best books in the entire world. This is my last semester and I am in this class Conflict Resolution... call me a nerd but I have been counting down the semesters to this class. I have been SO excited for it. Well, it started off with a bang because we are asked to read this book in three days... I read it in less than 3 hours in one sitting because I could not put it down. This book will change your life and perspective. I promise you cannot be disappointed! 

xoxo, nb

P.S. What did you adore today?

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