Thursday, April 7, 2011

Alberta Bound

Well folks... today and tomorrow is packing day so I did get dressed but it wasn't really blog worthy and my day was full. Anyways tomorrow we are shutting off the internet so this is my sign off until Monday! We are heading up to Alberta for the summer to work. Kennedy is going back to his painting job that he had last summer and I am going back to the glamorous job of mowing the Taber cemetery that I had last summer. I am going to get way tan and Kennedy is going to get dirty :) 

Also just wanted to say thanks to all my followers! BUT I know that there are many of you who check my blog that are not followers {Brittany Johnson... where is my birthday present?} SO if you adore my blog you should follow it and make me smile. HOWEVER if you feel kind of meh about it do not feel pressured to follow or if you are just kind of shy and don't feel good about being a follower that's okay too :) Anyways I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you in Canada <3

your girl, nb

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