Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fitness Thursday, actually Lazy Thursday .. OR .. Lazy Scranton?

Well it was the lovely St. Patricks day today so I wore green because I hate being pinched. I have to admit St. Patricks day is not my favorite holiday. I just really hate feeling forced to wear something specific... What if I don't feel like wearing green on March 17th? But oh well.. Actually this morning I slept in half an hour! Oops... it takes me one hour to get ready so I lost half of my time! But have no fear I sprayed on my Dry Shampoo {which is amazing} if you don't own any of this umm get to your nearest store STAT and get yourself some! I bought the Tresseme stuff and it was so super cheap compared to the salon ones I was buying before... and it works just as good, smells better too.


Wearing: Top: Smart Set, Zippy: Zoo York, Capris: Old Navy

Well I'm sorry I was a lazy butt guys... but sometimes these days just happen! But don't worry, tomorrow will be better. Promise!

your girl, nb

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