Saturday, October 13, 2012


I don't typically post on a Saturday but this has been floating around the blogosphere and I think it's kind of fun and I have a schedule for my Project 100 I don't want to mess up... again. So here it goes! Feel free to do it too and leave a link so I can see yours!

Pumpkin pie . evening walks . free printables . frozen peas . did I say pumpkin pie?
Style Strategy - Nina Garcia
The Cosby Show... classic.
.Thinking About.
christmas presents for my friends and family :)
.Stressing About.
How to get my etsy shop going
.Looking forward to.
when my hubs is done school
.Making me Happy.
having time to have a clean home, cook, do crafts and spend time with my hubs.

Well there you go :) Enjoy your weekend!

xoxo, nb

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