Monday, November 7, 2011

Today I Adore My Guilty Pleasures

We all have them, those little things that we know really, probably aren't the best for us and they aren't exactly productive but we love them anyways. Some of them we love them proudly, others we prefer them to stay somewhat private. Gossip Girl is my favorite guilty pleasure. Monday at 7:00 there aren't many places I would rather be than watching Blair, Serena, Chuck, Dan, the list goes on :) One of my other favorite guilty pleasures that is definitely not good for me is Cold Stone Ice Cream. If it was possible to put heaven in a spoon it would be the Founders Favorite in Oatmeal Cookie Batter.. Just saying. Anyways, I'm sure you all have some little thing you enjoy :)

Vest: Old Navy - $10.49
Shirt: Target - gifted
Bangles: Forever 21 - $3.99
Necklace: Target - $7.99
Jeans: AEO - $39.99
Shoes: Payless - $4.50

What guilty pleasure do you adore?

xoxo, nb

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