Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today I Adore Organization.

Hey everybody!

Well I am still going crazy with mid-term assignments, projects and tests... soo sorry for the neglect. Last week I was working on a filing system project. 16 main file folders -> 100 manila folders dispersed throughout -> over 100 Resources in the manila folders. And I am such a nerd because as I was organizing all of this I was having way to much fun. So in honor of my love for organization and Pinterest I am sharing with you my top 3 pins off of my Organization board. Perhaps some good ideas for you?

Organizing Your Purses on a rod so they don't get awful creases in them! Genius.

Pinned Image

Using old wipe containers to store those plastics bags you need but Hate to have floating around.

Pinned Image

Using clothing storage for Ribbons & Craft supply storage.

Pinned Image

Well hope I got some good ideas buzzing in your brains. Sorry for my flakiness ladies but I promise things will settle down soon!

xoxo, nb

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