Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nailed It. {Pinterest Top Fives}

This summer I have discovered my undying love for beautiful nails! I don't know where this passion was hiding all these years but it has surfaced within the last few months and thank goodness for that! So for this weeks Pinterest Top Fives I found some incredible nails that I only wish I could do... perhaps one day?

1. Ombre Nails... one day when I find a good sale on nail polish you can bet I will be ALL over this!


2. Lacy - I am going to guess this is a stick-on and not hand painted but I love how feminine and subtle it is.

3. What a cool idea right? I love how all the colors play off of each other. I would have never thought of doing this.

4. Warning: Patience Required... also a steady hand.

5. If ANY of you know how to do this... PLEASE teach me. Isn't this totally awesome? I'm in love with it but I have no idea how they did this... it's by far my favorite!

So if you are an Office lover you perhaps caught my reference in my title if not... check out these vids...

So the reason that this is totally significant... one night, I kid you not. Kennedy and I spent almost two hours thinking of three syllable phrases to put at the end of the Kit Kat song... we even had early classes the next morning. Yep, we are that crazy.

xoxo, nb

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